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Business Taxes

We Can Help You...

  • Restaurants and Café

  • Childcare Services

  • Medical Practices

  • Fitness Studios and Gyms

  • Salons and Spas

  • Consulting Services

  • Tech Startups

  • Financial Services Providers

  • Educational Services

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Event Planning Services

  • Construction Companies 

  • Manufacturing Companies

Our bookkeeping and accounting service allows you to audit-proof your business by syncing your bank accounts, and import your chart of accounts so you can focus on building your business, while we keep track of your financial records with accurate bookkeeping and provide accurate accounting to help you understand how your business is performing and strategies to increase your cash-flow.

Why Hire NBFG?

At NBFG, we understand a business may need a financial professional who understands bookkeeping and accurate accounting for three reasons, (1) to pay taxes on time and (2) to understand how a thriving business should be performing (3) to help you save money through reducing expenses; increasing cash-flow and possibly obtain local, state and federal tax incentives. We have knowledgeable financial professionals who understand how to structure a business for long-term growth and tax codes to determine which deductions and credits are applicable to your business.

Get Started Today!

All new bookkeeping & accounting clients are required to pay a $500 retainer to set up your account and a clean up fee to cover the previous months of business activity. Feel free to review the NBFG on-boarding process before your intake call with an accountant.


On-Boarding Process:

  1. Consultation call with a tax professional (877) 483-NBFG

  2. Accept proposal and sign engagement letter

  3. Pay the non-refundable $500 set-up fee, any additional clean up fee and have future monthly tax advisory fee on ACH

  4. Complete on-boarding/intake forms 

  5. Schedule an introduction call with a financial professional 

  6. The call is to set up your account in software, sync your bank account(s) and schedule an ongoing series of calls with your dedicated tax professional.

  7. Start Business Startup Audit and/or Small Business Audit Check-up

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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