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NBFG's Investment Portfolio

Corporate Investment Portfolio

New Beginning Capital Group – is our holding company for our real estate portfolio. We Invest in a wide range of assets such as residential and commercial real estate investment properties across the country for long-term rental property portfolio growth. 


We also invest in a portfolio of publicly traded companies, acquire other insurance agencies/companies, tax businesses/franchises and businesses; as well as provide venture capital to small - mid size businesses, FinTech companies and start-up companies.

Our Investments in Small Start-up Businesses:

  • Karbon Pay - FinTech company w/ $13M pre money valuation

  • CurlMix - Retail; Consumer goods

  • Envel - FinTech company

  • Inclusion - Tech company

  • HA! Snacks - Food industry

  • True Made Foods - Food industry

  • Cherrish - Beverage industry 

  • Moku Foods - Food industry

Real Estate Investment Portfolio may or may not Include following real estate investments :

  • Single Family Resident Investments

  • Multifamily 2 - 4 unit Investments

  • Multifamily > 5 unit Investments

  • Apartment Building Investments

  • Mixed Use Building Investments

  • Subdivisions & New Construction Investments


Commercial Investment Portfolio may or may not Include the following real estate investments:


  • Hotels/Motel Investments

  • Mall & Retail Plaza Investments

  • Office Building Investments

Modern Building
Residential District
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