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Short Bio for Media

Mark A. Wingo (Mr. Wingonomics)  is the President and CEO of New Beginning Financial Group, LLC (NBFG), a tax, insurance and financial advisory company he founded in 2006. Mr. Wingo has over 2 decades of banking and finance experience.; before founding NBFG he worked at two of the largest banks in the country, TCF Bank and U.S. Bank, was a mortgage professional at Mortgage Investment & Consultants, and has experience as a financial advisor at one of the largest asset manager in the world, Ameriprise Financial.  Today, NBFG spans across 15 states, helping 1,000's become more financially responsible. Mr. Wingonomics is also the author of the best selling book "Wingonomics" How to become a Cash Flow Millionaire on Any Budget, in Any Market!


He has been featured in national media outlets such as Forbes, CNN, Business Insider, Time Mag, Money Mag, MSN Money, Black Enterprise Magazine, and Ebony Magazines sharing his story of overcoming financial struggles to creating his own economy. 

Speaking Topics:

The Inc. 5000 Way

Teaching business owners how to manage their finances like and bank and run their business like an Inc. 5000 company by providing strategies on how raise millions for for your business to grow through mergers and acquisitions. 

Create Your Own Economy (CYOE)  

Presentation time: 1hr - 2hr

1. How to control your money mindset

  • How your perception of money to increase your economic value

2. How to control your spending

  • Why you should give your money a purpose

3. How to eliminate your debt

  • Who is Your Biggest Financial Enemy? 

4. How to reduce your taxes

  • Understanding taxation can help save money on taxes.

5. How to build a solid financial portfolio

  • Never fear running out of money.

6. How to be your own boss

  • The only way to create true wealth is through entrepreneurship but what does that really mean?

7. How to Protect your assets

  • It's more than having life insurance; you need an estate plan!

Please note: The opening of this speaking topic may include a short version of The Psychology of Money speech below. Also, a workbook presentation will be made available for the each attendee. The workbook presentation will be complementary.

The Psychology of Money: The Critical 5 Steps to a Balanced Life to Manage Uncertainty 

(Presentation time: 30min - 1hr)

Understand what it takes to expand your realities and mindset for effective change

  1. We will cover:

  2. Mentally how to think and use your mind in productive ways

  3. Spiritually how to be obedient to your core values

  4. Physically how to take care of the body 

  5. Socially how to talk the language of success

  6. Financially how to play the money game 

Media Request

Mark A. Wingo, also known as Mr. Wingonomics, President & CEO of New Beginning Financial Group, LLC is ready to speak at your event, conference, panel, podcast or media outlet.



Rickele Wingo

Attn: Book Mr. Wingonomics or Media Interview


2020 Money Talk with Mr. Wingonomics Wealth Tour (Cancelled)

Denver, CO - Feb 11th - 13th, 2020

Los Angeles, CA - Feb 29th, 2020

Killeen, TX - May 17th, 2020 (Cancelled due to Covid-19)


Updated 2023 CYOE Tour - Dates coming soon


Dallas, TX

Killen, TX

Atlanta, GA

Minneapolis, MN

St. Paul, MN

Greensville, SC

Charlotte, NC

Baltimore, MD

Orlando, FL

Miami. FL

Chicago, IL

Nashville, TN

Kansas City, MO

Denver, CO

New Orleans, LA

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