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New Beginning Foundation

In the community...

NBFG foundation is about giving back to the community, helping those who are eager to tap into their financial possibilities but lack the resources. Each year, our President & CEO - Mark A. Wingo partners with local organizations to start the conversation of money in inner city communities through a series of MoneyTalk with Mr. Wingonomics Wealth Tour - He uses the proceeds from book sales and sales of his T-Shirt to make this affordable to the local organizations. On Average, the tour is held in about 10 cities per year but expansion plans are expected for 2020. 

Youth Giving

Each year, as seen on WCCO News in Minneapolis, MN, Mark A. Wingo, President and CEO of NBFG partners with Tina Jackson and her non-profit, Surviving The Game to reach out and teach the youth and young adults on how to be more financially responsible. Mark A. Wing and Tina Jackson have even partnered together to bring the event to Atlanta, GA in 2019 and have plans to expand this event across the country. (Read Full Article)

Life After The Game 

NBFG work with the youth and young adults and professional athletes to help them find career opportunities after their playing days. 

Charitable Sponsorship 

NBFG invest in the community by giving back to local 501(c)(3) who are align with it vision of financial education, entrepreneurship, and affordable housing. 

Letter of Inquiry 

The NBFG Foundation welcomes letters of inquiry from organizations interested in applying for a grant. After reading your letter of inquiry, we will invite you to submit a full proposal if we feel your organization meets our criteria. Letters of inquiry may be sent any time of year. We welcome any questions you may have about the process or timing of your review. Please note, however, that it can take as long as three months to review your letter of inquiry. Please address questions to (877) 483-NBFG. Please include the following information with your Letter of Inquiry

  • Your organization's name, address and website.

  • The organization's contact person's name, title, phone number and email address.

  • Name(s) involved with your organization.

  • Amount of funding you are applying for and how you would allocate it.

  • Geographical area in which your organization serves.

  • Your organization's mission and a description of the project.

  • List of the organization's current Board of Directors.

  • Copy of page one of the IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt letter for the organization

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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