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Although posting quarterly earnings and projection is not required for a privately owned company, we want to inform the public of our growth potential.

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A Promising Future
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NBFG has a promising future after the mortgage market crisis hit a few years after the company was incorporated in 2006 as a mortgage company causing President and CEO, Mark A. Wingo to restructure in 2009 as an insurance and financial services company. After successfully transitioning into the financial planning industry NBFG sought additional opportunities to grow and generate additional revenue. In 2012, the company incorporated tax advisory services. As the company grew, and seeing opportunities in the mortgage industry, NBFG became a mortgage broker to make the journey full circle.


NBFG is proud to announce its 2018 income projection of $10 million by 2020; and $50 million by 2025. 

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New Beginning Financial Group, LLC (NBFG) is a privately owed and operated tax, mortgage, insurance and financial services company helping Americans manage, maintain and prosper not only financially but in life since 2006. NBFG has thousands of customer across the country. NBFG is one of the fastest growing financial companies that had generated (upon request) in revenue; and projected to earn more than $10 million in revenue by 2020; and $50 Million by 2025.

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