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Financial Planning

is not just a math problem; it's having the right mindset, strategy, momentum and team to help you build a
solid financial portfolio. - Mr. Wingonomics
Introducing... Lettuce Tracker our new Financial Software. Get Started Today!
Finally, a transparent, consumer friendly financial management software that focuses on wealth accumulation through debt elimination strategies!
  • Spending (Budgeting) Planner

  • Debt Elimination Reports 

  • Net Worth Calculator

  • Life Insurance Calculators

  • Retirement Planner

  • Social Security Calculator

  • Investment Calculator 

  • And much more...

Finally, an educational, consumer friendly financial software that will provide resources and tools to help you be more financially responsible!
Lettuce Tracker will provide you with objective financial planning to build a solid financial portfolio to create your own economy!
Wingonomics™ is our proprietary financial planning concept created by our President & CEO Mark A. Wingo; it focuses on helping our clients establish a balanced life and be more financially responsible with our 7 Principles of Money to help families "Create Your Own Economy" and build a solid, diversified and objective financial portfolio.
Wingonomics™ is our proprietary objective financial planning strategy created by our President & CEO Mark A. Wingo, FPWM®; it focuses on helping our clients establish a balanced life and be more financially responsible with our 7 Principles of Money to help families "Create Your Own Economy" and build a solid, diversified and objective financial portfolio. 

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Our Concept
New Beginning Tax Advisory Group
Our team of tax professionals work with our individual and small business clients to identify applicable tax strategies, overlooked deductions and credits to reduce their tax liability by up to 50%; we also work closely with our corporate clients to help them identify large local, state and federal tax incentives, on average, for small to mid size company, we are able to identify over $200k. 


New Beginning Insurance & Financial Services
Insure your loved ones with life insurance and learn about 7702 Plans helping individuals pay less than 1% on their retirement (tax free) income & a 401k/IRA alternative savings strategy that's helping millions of Americans (baby boomers) generate tax deferred lifetime retirement income and and increase their Social Security Benefits by up to 63%. 


New Beginning Mortgage Group
We work directly with lenders to offer commercial financing to real estate investors and business owners looking to purchase and/or refinance residential investment(s) and/or commercial properties. We also offer lending to small business owners for working capital. 


Our Team
Our team of financial professionals, certified tax preparers, accountants and mortgage loan officers have many years of experience and knowledge to help you manage, maintain, and prosper not only financially but in life.


Proudly Offers Insurance & Financial Products From These and Other Leading Provider​s
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Twin Cities Corporate Office:

7760 France Ave., Suite 1100

Minneapolis, MN 55435

Toll-Free: (877) 483-NBFG

Phone: (651) 964-4597

(Location is Appointment Only)



Atlanta Metro Area Satellite Office:

3330 Cumberland Blvd., Suite 500

Atlanta GA, 30339

Toll-Free: (877) 483-NBFG

Phone: (404) 419-7919

(Location is Appointment Only)

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